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About Kevin Frost

Kevin Frost has worked all his life with horses, mostly in the racing industry. He rode as a conditional jockey, before becoming a Head Lad and later Assistant Trainer.

He also spent many years at the Northern Racing College, where he became Training Manager. While he enjoyed his time at the college, and met his wife Amanda there, he missed racing and became Assistant Trainer to Ian Woods in Lambourn.

After a couple of years Kevin joined the late Alan Swinbank. This was a time fondly remembered, with the chance to be involved with some "proper" horses. These included the likes of  the globe-trotting Collier Hill, Turbo Lynn, Alfie Flitts and a host of other classy horses.

Kevin later joined Ian Williams as Assistant Trainer. Once again, he was fortunate to work with good horses such as Weird Al and Wayward Prince, and produced winners under both codes on a regular basis.

He eventually decided the time was right to put all that great experience to good use. With the help of some good friends and colleagues, Kevin started training in his own right near Stratford-upon-Avon, then relocated to Shropshire's Helshaw Grange in 2015.

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In 2017, he was offered the chance to relocate to Butterton Stables in Staffordshire, which had excellent facilities and room for expansion. However, Kevin found that the horses were being affected by pollen from avenue of poplar trees which lined the long drive. This caused respiratory issues, which caused performances in the summer months to suffer, though the horses came back strongly in the autumn and winter. This was the  main reason he decided to relocate again, in 2020, to Danethorpe Stables in Nottinghamshire. Kevin Frost Racing is now based at a long-established yard which has been home to several successful trainers in the past. It will allow him to operate more effectively all year round and we are looking forward to improved performances from the yard's inmates.

"We had our best season last year but you can't stand still in this game, and the new premises are amazing, with an indoor ride, equine pool and a mile-and-a-half gallop, none of which we had before".

Kevin Frost's wife Amanda is an important member of the team, working as secretary, and dealing with the business side of things. They are both excited at moving into Danethorpe Stables to commence the next phase of their career, and hope that interested owners and would-be owners will feel free to come and visit the new yard to take a look at the fantastic set-up and have a chat with them about getting involved.

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